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About Cassidy

Growing up the daughter of a high-school teacher and a stay-at-home mom, Cassidy learned early on that commitment and determination were the keys to her success in the horse industry.  As a third generation equestrian, she was around the horses on her family’s farm (Ghost Horse Farm) from birth and started formal lessons at four years of age. 


In order for her to begin competing, Cassidy’s family had to make adjustments and sacrifices, and she had to prove her commitment to the sport.  From early on, she gained a strong education in the basics of horsemanship and learned early on her passion was working with green and troubled horses.


At thirteen, Cassidy grew tired of the controlled environment of the Hunter Jumper world and fell in love with the thrill of eventing.  She joined her local United States Pony Club chapter, and quickly progressed through the levels, achieving her H-A rating at 16 (the youngest age allowed to attempt the rating).


Cassidy was also progressing through the levels of eventing with her home-bred Thoroughbred/Morgan cross, GH Sir Rocko.  She and Rockie completed their first Training level three day event before moving up to preliminary, all before Cassidy completed High School. 


Upon graduation, Cassidy opted to attend Ball State University on an academic scholarship.  Rockie came along to school where she continued to compete him along with serving as a point rider and Vice President of the BSU Equestrian Team. 


Feeling more at home in the barn then in a dorm room, Cassidy because involved with the local 4-H, taught clinics with the local Pony Clubs, and grew her own student base.  She also used her local track connections to purchase her first  OTTB, Subway Prophet (Running Footman), only 3 days after his final race. 


In 2006, Cassidy graduated Summa Cum Laude with an honors degree in Advertising.  The day after graduation she headed to Middleburg, Virginia to start as a working student for US  rider Sinead Halpin and Canadian rider Rebecca Howard of Dunlavin Eventing. 


During this time, Cassidy developed a close bond with 4* veteran, Balladeer Ted.  When it was determined that physical limitations would prevent him from becoming a Canadian Team horse, Cassidy was selected to take over the ride.


In the winter of ‘06/’07 Rebecca moved to Norwood, NC to take a new position as Equestrian Director for the Fork Stables.  Cassidy followed her South with Ted, while Prophet took a deserved vacation back in Illinois.  She was hired on as the Marketing Director of the Fork and completed a very successful season at the preliminary level with Ted.


The winter of 07/08 saw the return of Prophet and Cassidy used this change to transition to another opportunity in Triangle Region of North Carolina, where she now lives.  She has established a strong student and training following while also working for several freelance marketing clients.

In her free time, Cassidy enjoys a good glass of boxed wine, a front porch and her dogs (and John!).