A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful - and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.  ~Pam Brown

Current Horses

Subway Prophet
OTTB, 1998 Bay Gelding

He knows when you're happy
He knows when you're comfortable
He knows when you're confident
And he always knows when you have carrots.
~Author Unknown

While racing on the track, Prophet gained popularity with his engaging personality and strong will.  Now, several years after his last race, he uses those same traits to excel as an eventing competitor. 


Although, like most great athletes, he has had to overcome some obstacles, Cassidy’s patient personality and understanding of horse management have allowed their bond to grow and Prophet to flourish.  Prophet has made the move into the upper levels, and now has several Intermediate runs under his belt.  He will hopefully compete a ** this spring (2014), and also help Cassidy to achieve her Bronze Medal in the USDF. 

(photo by Pics of You)

InDecent Exposure (Flash)
App/TB, 2003 Gelding

Flash joined the C-Horse team in early 2012 as a sale horse.  He soon integrated himself into the program in such a way that he probably has a home for life.  He has enough personality for 10 horses, and the same amount of talent.  He sprung into the eventing world, with many top placings, including a 4th place finish at the American Eventing Championships in 2012.  

Flash will be starting off the 2014 season at training level and 2nd level dressage with hopes to move up in the Fall.  

Past Horses

Special Financing
(Ryan) - (up for lease)
Paint, 2005 Grey Paint Gelding

Ryan came to the C-Horse family in May 2011.  He was 'spur broke' and had lived his 6 short years as a Western Pleasure horse.  His new owner wanted to see if he could respond to more normal cues (leg=forward), so sent him for training.  It quickly became apparent that he loved to please... and JUMP!  He started his eventing career in July 2011 with a 2nd place finish at the Starter Horse Trials at the Carolina Horse Park.  He will be spending the Fall getting to know the ropes of eventing!

(photo by High Time Photography)

Nik of Time
Swedish Warmblood/Arab, 2003 Bay Mare

Nikki has been in the C-Horse Family as a client's horse for some time. She is a homebred mare of Dressage rider, Nancy Calhoun.  In late 2010, we decided that Nik just wasn't into the dressage lifestyle.  In an effort to make her more marketable, we started jumping her and found that she LOVES it!  She's started slowing into the eventing life, and seems very happy.  She has competed at a few unrecognized events, and will be out and about in the Beginner Novice divisions this Fall. 

(photos by Sabela Images)

Balladeer Ted
Irish TB, 1993 Chestnut Gelding

Owned by Equine Canada and retired into Cassidy’s care, Ted now reigns as one of the fanciest trail horses and a favorite of Cassidy’s students.  Before his long hair and chubby belly, Ted had a long, successful eventing career.  He competed in Europe to the CCI*** level with Irish rider, Allan McSweeney and completed the Rolex CCI**** in 2005 (last year of the long format) under Canadian rider, Peter Gray.


When Cassidy took over the ride, she and Ted were very successful in overcoming the voices Ted heard in his head and Cassidy’s need to control everything.  The placed 5th in the Open Preliminary at the Poplar Place Horse Trials; 7th at the NCDCTA Horse Trials; and 4th at the Paradise Farm Horse Trials.

In December 2013, Ted was euthanized due to colic complications. He is buried in his favorite corner of the field where he will forever look over the residents of Wynnscott Farm. 

GH Sir Rocko
Thoroughbred/Morgan, 1995 Bay Gelding

The first Performance Horse homebred of Ghost Horse Farm, Rockie’s heart and enthusiasm for Cross Country was apparent from his very first schooling.  He and Cassidy successfully conquered the levels of eventing together for six years, competing to the preliminary level and also completing their first Training level three day event.


Serving his time with Cassidy, he now resides back at Ghost Horse Farm, although he is no retiree.  He is staying busy ensuring the next generation of eventers learn to be confident cross-country jockeys and playing big brother to the younger generations of Ghost Horse Farm homebreds. 

ValleyCrest Rob Roy
Morgan, 1988 Bay Gelding

Robbie was Cassidy first green-bean of a horse.  She picked him out of her Grandpa Tom's field when she was eight and he was four.  The unlikely partnership grew to be quite successful.  He was Jubilee Regional Morgan Show Hunter Jumper Champion, the State 4-H Junior Horse and Pony Hunter Over-All Chamion (1999), and Cassidy passed her D-1 thru B levels in Pony Club on him. He was bought by
another Young Rider who he took to Pony Club championships and back through the levels of eventing.  He is now retired where he gets occasionally ridden and too many treats!

Oakhaw Dusty
Morgan, 1976 Chestnut Gelding

Dusty had the burden of being Cassidy's first pony.  Bought with her bag of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters (from Grandpa Tom) when she was five and he was 14, Dusty was Cassidy's first true love.  He never really cantered, but had a killer trope, would cross his legs and fall asleep in line-ups, and spent a large portion of his riding time 'walking away' with Cassidy (aka, locking his thick, Morgan neck and refusing to turn until he reached his destination, usually the barn).  He went on to teach many more Young Riders the ropes, and passed away at Ghost Horse Farm at the ripe old age of 30.   He is buried in the field that he spent the majority of his life, resting beside other lifetime GHF residents.  Cassidy rides every cross country ride with a

bracelet made from a lock of his tail as a reminder of the horse that taught her so much about patience.

(Dusty's bracelet)