NCDCTA Junior Club Chapter

Junior Club meeting - November 18th, Zebulon, NC

C-Horse Eventing is pleased to partner with Rebecca Nelles Dressage to form the Knightdale/Zebulon Chapter of the NCDCTA Junior Club.  The NCDCTA Junior Club's goal is develop junior member's knowledge, skills, leadership, and appreciation of dressage and combined training.  The members will plan and participate in meetings, educational activities, volunteering, community service projects and have fun!

Each member is required to become a member of the NCDCTA (North Carolina Dressage and Combined Training Association).  This will not only allow them to participate in the Junior Club, but also be elegible for all the year end awards and all the opportunities associated with NCDCTA.  

Each member also needs to fill out an information form to be submitted to either Cassidy or Rebecca.  This form can be found here:

The club is supposed to be run by the kids - for the kids.  This means that the leaders of the chapter will be getting together to run meetings and activities.  We will be meeting at least 6 times a year, with various meeting platforms (guest speakers, outings, etc...).  Each member will also be doing a research project (can be done in small groups also!).  The topics of the project can range from show turnout, to poisonous plants and everything in between! Members are also encouraged to write articles about their experiences for publication in the NCDCTA Newsletter (not a requirement, but would be cool!).  

For more information about joining this chapter of the NCDCTA Junior Club, please contact Cassidy ( or cell - 618.201.3290) or Rebecca (, 919.649.4689)