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I first met Cassidy quite by accident but was quickly impressed with her skills as a rider and her ability to communicate with others. Cassidy's teaching style is encouraging. She utilizes a stepwise approach beginning with the basics that allows for understanding from both the rider and the horse before proceeding further.
She now trains and instructs others at my farm several times weekly. She has a following of both young and adult riders, experienced and inexperienced.
-Kim, C-Horse Client

 I have felt very fortunate that Cassidy is willing to hop on Nikki when the ride becomes too difficult or this rider becomes a little intimidated. Cassidy keeps a smile on her face, works through the problem then helps me to better work through the problem if it happens again. Cassidy has a quiet confidence about herself and the horses seem to feel this as well. I am so thankful that a close friend told me about this beautiful lady…inside and out.

-Nancy, C-Horse Client

Just wanting to share what a great day we had at the horse show at MacNair's.  You must understand that my sister(Lisa) and I have 2 mares that act like dam and foal.  They are essentially inseparable so showing in the ring all by themselves is a very scarey event.  Not to mention it is scary for the owners too!  This was our 4th time out at a show and Cassidy rode the girls.  Me and Lisa sat back on our laurels and relaxed this time and watched Cassidy do her thing.  She did a fabulous job with our stressed out girls. Thundering fresians coming at horse and rider,spooky shaking trees, and separation anxiety were all part of the experience.  Cassidy was awesome..nerves of steel, kind and gentle, persistent and calm. Watching Cassidy made me feel much more confident in my next time it will be me up there.  Thanks Cassidy for taking on the girls.  The ribbons were just the icing on the cake!  --Nancy

Cassidy has been my daughter’s riding instructor for over a year. We could not have chosen a better instructor, mentor, and role model. Cassidy devotes her entire life to the pursuit of top quality horse care, competition, and sportsmanship. She can aid riders and horses of all disciplines and skill levels.  Horses and riders feed off of her sense of calm.
-Kristin, C-Horse Client