Leverage the equine world with non-traditional and traditional methods through C-Horse Eventing!!

The equine world is exciting to be involved with on any level, and the C-Horse team could not continue without the help of very generous supporters.  Both Corporate and Personal sponsors are welcome to join the team and benefit from being associated with a dedicated, industrious young lady who is committed to the sport, her horses, her team and her contributors.

Why Sponsor?
As a Full-Time employee of a horse-product company, Cassidy understands the importance of providing benefits to her contributors.  The cost of acquiring and maintaining an upper-level competition horse is quite high, and Cassidy is committed to those who help alleviate some of the cost (via monetary and product donations).   She wants to work with you to develop a plan that will work for you individual needs.

Goals With Sponsorship

Although Cassidy's goals include the desire to compete at the most elite international levels of the sport of eventing, she first and foremost wants to continue to grow her reputation of developing both horses and riders to be educated and well-rounded in their training.  This reputation is important to her as it also reflects positively on those who are associated with C-Horse eventing.

Cassidy's goals are backed by a specific strategic plan including:

Identifying and developing international-caliber horses
.  Currently P (Subway Prophet) is moving thru the levels of eventing with the goal to make his international debut in the spring of 2011.  Cassidy had the opportunity to launch her own upper-level career on two other horses, including veteran advanced mount, Balladeer Ted and homebred, GH Sir Rocko.

Taking advantage of competition and training opportunities to develop the physical and mental skills of both horse and rider.  Because the sport of eventing is truly the ultimate test of horse and rider, there are many avenues one can take to prepare for competition.  By individually tailoring a horse's schedule, Cassidy makes sure that they are prepared to the best of their abilities.  This process includes selecting instruction sources, and taking advantage of the local resources and facilities available in North Carolina.

Creating the ultimate support system.  Each person involved with the C-Horse Team plays and intricate roll in the success.  From students and clients, to the farrier, vet and physio professionals, C-Horse couldn't do anything without their support.

Raising the funds necessary to achieve these goals.  The costs to maintain an upper-level horse are quite pricey, and even with Cassidy's non-stop schedule of full-time employment, training rides, teaching and other business endeavor's she is unable to generate the funds necessary on her own - this is where sponsors come in!

Sponsor Benefits
- Get your word out there!
As mentioned, Cassidy is committed to providing each contributor, both personal and corporate, with the most exposure as possible. 

The C-Horse Team spends much time traveling to competitions, both locally (extended Triangle, NC region) and around the east coast (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky and Tennessee).  The opportunities for exposure to the target equine market are extensive including trailer logos, apparel worn by Cassidy and her team, logos on pads/blankets/stalls/etc..., and promotional material distribution as requested. 

The C-Horse team also has a strong web presence with advertisement opportunities on the website (www.chorseeventing.com), through the blog, twitter, and Facebook updates, and also through Cassidy's independent sites. 

Every contributor will be kept up-to-date on everything going on with the C-Horse Event team with monthly news and results updates.  You will also be truly part of the C-Horse Team with behind-the-scenes access at competitions including course walks and other exciting opportunities.  Cassidy will also be available for your needs including trade show participation and promotional events.

Ways to Support the C-Horse Team
Through her years of participating in the sport, Cassidy has learned that support can come in many, many forms -- and no contribution is too small!  If you feel that there is some way you can contribute feel free to contact her by email.

Donation of Goods and Services
Unlike sports where there is only one human athlete involved, eventing has two athletes (one weighing in at over 1000 lbs!) and 3 sets of tack! The equipment needed to keep the team going is extensive and the opportunities for donation are just as widespread.  If you feel your products or company would be a good match for the C-Horse Team, feel free to contact Cassidy.

Monetary Contributions

100% of any monetary donation will be directly applied to expenses associated with the competition horses.  No donation is too small!  Cassidy also hopes to be eligible for tax-exempt donations through the AHTF within the next year.  Stay tuned for more information and new developments.

If you would like to meet with Cassidy to discuss sponsorship opportunities, don't hesitate to contact her by email at cassidy.sitton(at)gmail.com.